Letters to the Empire

Prophecy: Trump will be assassinated

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Trump may not be offering “change and hope” ™, but this is breathtaking hypocrisy.

Maybe it’s because of the bitter disappointment at how the last big talker turned out that Americans seem inclined to gamble on a Brave New Future with a Celebrity President.

But I’ll make a prophecy right now: quite possibly before the elections, if he shows real signs of winning, or when he’s president, he will be assassinated. He is too independent and unbeholden (because he’s so rich, and is paying his own way) to The Powers That Be, and they will use the tools they have in their toolkit if they see he’s not with the program. Or they may not even have to – one of the millions of neo-religious zealots they have spawned might do it for them, without them having to lift a finger.


Political correctness now stretches back 50.000 years

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We killed them off, so they can’t have been human

“The researchers said they are not suggesting that humans learned the practice of adorning themselves from Neanderthals, noting that many tribal people throughout history have also engaged in the practice. In fact, feather ornamentation could even date back to a common ancestor of modern humans and Neanderthals.”

But what if we did learn this, and everything else, from them? Here

“Evolutionary detective” Danny Vendramini’s 100% serious take on what Neanderthals really looked like – and therefore why it was “us or them”

Never heard of Gilad Atzmon? You’re behind the curve

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