Letters to the Empire

Climate change – a small consolationlimate change

Posted in climate change by Photonaut on May 19, 2015

In the bullying, holier-than-thou, inquisitorial atmosphere of the “climate debate”, it’s very, very gratifying to come across clips like this. Granted, it’s an insignificant outlet, and who’s the lady anyway, I know, but when the interviewer asks her about the Pause (I’m not surprised if bien pensant readers have never come across that term in their broad readings of The Guardian), I can’t but feel great pleasure as she struggles unsuccessfully to manipulate her tongue like someone that’s just come out of the dentist’s room after a large dose of oral anaesthetic.

Marc Morano is clearly enjoying the spectacle too (the whole debate can be viewed here. Another highlight: see the clearly nice and well-meaning Ms Andress stumble over the genocidal implications of the climate change agenda at this point)


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